I Can Take a Hint

So, I was emptying the ice cream machine and this is what came out. I think it may be a sign...


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I got a call from my GM after I left work: she told me to go ahead and take the promotional TF poster that I called dibs on. That I called dibs on weeks ago. It would seem that some other folks have been eyeballing it.

Tough shit, I say.

It's MINE! Muahahahahaha!

So anyway, since I'd already left, a friend of mine is going to take it home with them. I'm worried that some of the others might develop sticky fingers. Especially as I KNOW they tried to talk the GM out of it- when they knew I'd already claimed it.


So, I noticed a strange trend among teens coming through the DT at my store. They'd order an ice cream cone, grab the ice cream off the top of the cone and drive off. Sure enough it started with a you tube video.

It's not really a huge deal. It was just annoying when they dropped ice cream in the drive-thru lane. After finding out about the 'cone-ing' trend though, I'm less annoyed by it. I mean really, if you fail that hard at something as idiotic as cone-ing, then you are an EPIC loser. To be pitied.

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